I'm Colin Woodbury, known as Fosskers on the web. I am a professional developer and am also active in Open Source, with a number of published applications and libraries in Rust and Haskell. Functional programming interests me greatly and allows me to realize my core programming values: Rigour, Minimalism, and Beauty.

Public Projects of Note

Otherwise, I've written code in many other languages including Scala, Purescript, Elm, Go, C, Python, and Java, and deployed projects to production on AWS, Digital Ocean, and Heroku using a variety of industry-standard tools and frameworks.

For more specifics, please see my full CV.

Before pursuing programming professionally, I taught English in Japan for several years. I speak both English and Japanese, and have studied German, Italian, and Esperanto. Apart from learning languages, I often go rock climbing in my spare time. You can donate to my Open Source efforts through Github Sponsors or by buying me a coffee.

This website is written in Haskell using the wai, lucid, and org-mode libraries, and uses absolutely no Javascript.

Jack in a sunbeam.